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Cancer ~ Salted Caramel ~ Moonstone, Carnelian, Citrine

The protective, caring energy of this water sign seeks ways to promote space for healing and growth. Comfort is key for this sign, like a warm meal by the fireside with loved ones on a cold winter’s night. Cancer seeks to belong and yet also needs to protect its sensitive nature, so feels a constant inner tussle between safety and vulnerability. The past has a powerful pull for Cancer and shows a strong preference for family and loved ones. Reflective and intuitive, Cancer can turn following their gut into a fine art. Like the tidal shore, Cancer intimately knows the tug of the emotional world, which makes this sign the perfect shoulder to cry on.

Let the nurturing waters of Cancer protect and comfort you, like the warm embrace of an old friend

Moonstone ~  Is a powerful gemstone which harnesses the power of the moon and amplifies the Devine goddess within. 

Carnelian ~ Boosts cancerian's confidence and assertiveness. 

Citrine ~ Is the stone of abundance, she increases the positive vibes for this sign and offers support when this sign has given its all and is feeling depleted. 


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