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Leo ~ Leather and Oudh ~ Tigers Eye, Garnet, Amethyst

The vivid, vital energy of this fire sign is ruled by the Sun, so it literally lights up the sky! Warm and affectionate, the fire of Leo is wonderful to be close to and its joyful, playful energy is contagious. Leo has an innate creative spark and a passion for a bold display, providing wonderful inspiration for small circles close to them or the larger world. Confident and passionate, Leo makes a natural leader, loyal and generous to those who prove their fidelity and integrity. Like the Sun, Leo is sovereign and centred, focused on a life of self-value.

Get inspired by the passionate fire of Leo, and soak up its warmth, confidence, and joy.

Tigers eye ~ encourgages Leos to lean into their power. It allows them to focus on there emotional self and look at their emotional needs. Promoting confidence and joy. 

Garnet ~ Promotes this signs talents, bringing out the best in them. Often Leos have a creative flair and garnet can really encourage this sign to get artistic, passionate, and start doing what they love. 

Amethyst ~ A great spiritual stone, that supports Leos to focus on the personal journey and helps them listen to their inner critic and spirit to guide them to make the best decisions. 

All our candles are hand poured in our Fleurieu Peninsula studio and crafted with a soy wax blend, charged crystals, and a carefully curated fragrance. 


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