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Virgo ~ Lime and Coconut ~ Fluorite, Moss Agate and Amazonite 

Discerning, logical and realistic, this earth sign is devoted to producing purity and assimilating knowledge. A strong pull towards selfless service has Virgo honing skills and perfecting talents, to be the best tool for whatever is required. Eminently practical, Virgo’s problem-solving skills are second to none and has the focus and precision to find a needle in a haystack. Virgo’s mind is a wonderful asset, especially when perfectionism is kept tightly reigned in. Driven by a longing for simplicity and clarity, this sign desires to create minimalism and finesse.

Become grounded and focused with Virgo, enhancing concentration and clarity.

Fluorite ~ Is a great crystal for the Virgo as it helps them to relax, and not be to serious. This sign is known for there perfectionist streak. this crystal helps them to smell the flowers. 

Moss Agate ~  Helps with stress, it promotes calmness and clarity. It works with emotions and brings them to the surface, before they start to become a problem, in the over active thoughts of the Virgo.  

Amazonite ~ Shines light on the fabulous strengths of the Virgo. Virgos are such hard workers that sometimes there need for the ideal can rule over everything else. This crystal promotes the letting go of such thoughts, and ideals. 


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